Hastening all Natural beeswax furniture polish nourishes and polishes any wood surface. Made from a 17th century English Recipe, it cleans and feeds your wood and enhances it with a beautiful patina. It is also fantastic on painted furniture, leather, limestone, marble, and even bronze. Produced in Virginia easy to use and works like magic!


Few people know that their antiques and fine wood furniture need on going care. Wood remains in a constantly changing state throughout its existence.It needs nourishment to keep it supple and to avoid drying out. Well cared- for wood develops a much sought after patina or lustre.

“Patina is the aging process which when found on antique furniture distinguishes the poor from the very best. Patina is formed by a combination of ageing processes caused by rubbing, dusting, and waxing coupled with oxidation of the wood and the action of the sun’s rays. The action of rubbing and polishing over a period of time produces a fine bronze-like lustre which increases in depth and mellowness and softens the hard effect of waxed raw wood. The natural oxidation of the wood causes hardening of the surface which seals in the wax aided by the rubbing process and at the same time fills the grain. the edition of sunlight in varying degrees bleaches, fades, and changes the colour to the most attractive shades ranging from medium brown through corn colours to golden grey”.

Eighteen years ago Louis Shields developed a carefully formulated beeswax polish, using a centuries-old recipe from England. The result is a product that will preserve and protect precious antiques, and over time create the sought after patination. It is easy to apply, using a soft cloth and a small amount of the wax. Rub it into a small area and immediately buff it off. It can be used as often as you like but should be used on antiques and good wood when the seasons and humidity change.

Although designed to nourish wood – this polish is marvelous on painted furniture, leather, marble, limestone and even bronze